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Tonto2 is a personal address-list, calendar, notepad, and so much more.

Tonto2 is meant to be an always-available amanuensis. It may be started and terminated manually as needed but will usually be left running for the duration of a Gnome Display Manager (GDM) session.

Pretty Checks

Prettify the printing of check forms for GnuCash users.

This package of Python scripts depends on OpenOffice as well as GnuCash.

GnuCash is a 'personal finance tracking program.' It is available as a Debian Linux package.

OpenOffice is a 'full-featured office productivity suite.' It, too, is available as a Debian Linux package.

The check writing functionality of GnuCash is rudimentary at version 2.2+. Pretty Checks reads and updates GnuCash books while creating check documents that can be printed with all the specialized font and text formatting features of OpenOffice. Pretty Checks has been used on preprinted cut-sheet safety-paper personal check blanks purchased from Walmart Financial Services.

The only other thing (besides Python) that Pretty Checks needs is lxml.etree, which supports manipulation of xml files. This is available as a Debian Linux package, as well.

PythonTidy cleans up, regularizes, and reformats the text of Python scripts.

I intend it to encapsulate the wisdom revealed in:

Python scripts are usually so good looking that no beautification is required. However, from time to time, it may be necessary to alter the style to conform to changing standards.


VaryOnApplet is a pushbutton process-control applet for the Gnome Panel.

Among all the daemons and processes that support day-to-day use of a Linux system, most should start during the boot procedure and run all the time. However, there are a few, such as fetchmail, which a single user in a desktop environment may wish to start manually. VaryOnApplet acts as a switch to invoke the boot script of such a daemon, starting or stopping the daemon when the user touches the applet face. The applet face changes, providing visual confirmation of the daemon's state.

Vital Linux Tweaks

This script changes the look-and-feel of bash, GNOME, Firefox, et al in small but significant ways.

It demonstrates how messy life in a GUI world really is.

Rather than configure myriads upon myriads of options, settings, and properties via the GUI interfaces of various applications, this script tweaks their text-based configuration files, which are scattered throughout the user directories.

This script is run from the command line. It solicits no input from the console.

Obviously no single script can set up a Gnome/Linux desktop environment ideally for all users or even for any two users. This script sets up my environment for me. You may be able to use parts of it.

Obviously this script is good only for specific versions of software and is dangerous to run unless you are absolutely certain what levels are installed. It was developed for Debian Gnu/Linux 4.0 r1 Etch i386, but v.2.0 is for Debian Gnu/Linux 5.0 r1 Lenny.

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